Welcome to CloudEnglish.net, a site designed to help you improve your English naturally. The best way to do that is to listen, read and practice. Our goal is to create an online English experience—an atmosphere similar to living in an English-speaking country. Enjoy!

On this site you can:

Watch Videos

The videos page is a great way to improve your listening, learn about American Culture and pick up new skills. We are always adding more videos.  The videos cover many topics: culture, grammar, idioms, everyday situations, etc. 

Discuss and Practice

On the Q&A page, ask and answer questions with your fellow English learners. Participating in English discussions is a great way to improve your English Brain (your ability to think in English). Be respectful in the group. Please follow normal forum etiquette. Don't sell or advertise your own stuff. Please use only English. We reserve the right to moderate and delete comments for any reason. 

Get a Feel for Western Culture

In the culture feed you can get bits of interesting English including comics, infographics, memes and tips. The content is a collection of images from around the web, curated from user submissions. If you have something interesting you'd like to send us, use the email link below. 

Read the Blog

Check out the blog to learn in-depth language skills, idioms, grammar, culture and more. The blog is meant for more serious learners who want to immerse themselves in English through reading.

Take Full Courses

The courses are for serious learners who want to master specific skills, like pronunciation and fluency. Courses are not free, but each one is around 3 hours in length, broken up into many small videos. They are certainly worth the price.

Listen to Downloads on the Go

You can purchase downloads (including videos from the 'videos' page) to listen as you walk or take the bust. Downloads are meant for casual learners who want to work on listening skills.

If you want to:

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