What is Star Wars Day?

If you’ve seen the new Star Wars film, but haven’t seen the original films (episodes 4, 5 and 6), stop reading now and come back when you’re finished.


Great. I’m glad we’re on the same page. I hope you enjoyed them.

Now, to Star Wars Day. To understand why this holiday exists, it’s important to grasp the impact of the films on popular culture. Without going into much detail, if any one person in America walks up to any other and blurts out, ‘Luke, I am your father’, the other person will likely mumble something about Star Wars before shuffling away, in a hurry. Everybody knows it (even though it’s never actually said in the film).

At the very least, Star Wars completely changed the way that Hollywood movies are made. If you don’t believe me, stop reading now, do some research, and come back when you’re finished.


Great. I’m glad we’re on the same page.

So, once you accept the idea that Star Wars is important enough to get it’s own holiday, all that’s left to understand is why it happens on May 4th. The answer, sadly, lies in puns.

Puns are ‘jokes’ that use words with the same or similar sounds. Some people consider puns to be a low form of humor, while others take pun-making as an art form. My grandfather is a master of puns… but I won’t punish you with any of those.

Now then, back to Star Wars Day. In the films, there is a power in the universe called ‘The Force’. Certain people, like Jedi, are able to use that power to move fruit without touching it, or choke people who have disappointed you, over Skype.

A famous expression that the Jedi use in the Star Wars film is: “May the force be with you.” That means, I hope that the force will protect you, wherever you go (maybe). ‘May’ is also the fifth month of the year, on Earth. Ah. the first pun is explained.

Next, ‘force’ sounds like ‘fourth’, especially if you’ve been drinking. So, the reason ‘May the fourth’ is Star Wars Day is because it sounds like ‘May the Force’. Clever. Cheesy.

Fortunately, while May the 4th is over, Revenge of the 6th is at hand. So, put on your favorite Star Wars monocle and celebrate in whatever way seems best to you.



I have no idea who Rey’s parents are.


Key Words from this article:

Grasp – To understand something.

Blurt out – To Say something suddenly.

Shuffling – To walk without lifting your feet.

Puns – Jokes using words that sound the same.

Humor – Stuff that makes us laugh.

Choke – To have trouble breathing.

Cheesy – Cheap, or inauthentic.

Monacle – A round glass worn over one eye.