Q&ACategory: GrammarCould you please explain to me how to use ‘whether’ and ‘rather’? What do they mean and in what situations can I use them?
Jai Asked 2 years
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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 2 years

I will discuss each word separately, because these two words generally don’t have any connection.
This is usually used to talk about alternatives. That means, it’s used when you are thinking about two different things that might happen. It often expresses doubt in something. It can be used to express inquiry. 
1. Whether or not I travel to Bali, I’m going on a vacation (this means that the location isn’t certain, but the vacation is).
2. I’m going shopping tomorrow whether you come with me or not.
3. Whether you decide to go with me or stay here is up to you. Just let me know.
4. I’m going to see whether he’s sleeping.

Rather is used state what you prefer (what you like more than other things), OR in a way very similar to ‘very’. 
1. I would rather go out on a sunny day than stay inside and work.
2. Would you rather eat Chinese food or Indian?
3. I’d rather go to Bali than Thailand.
4. I’m rather tired. I think I’ll go home and sleep.

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Thanks a lot!

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