Q&ADear all, how to understand "drink fluids to relieve hard stress"? What does 'hard stress' mean here? Thank you.
vanessa_lxl Asked 3 years
vanessa_lxl replied 3 years ago

Yes, sure. We are now working on how to define the industrial injury. It is said when the wounded sent to the hosipital, if only a simple wrap-up was given, then we should consider it as “1st Aid” only (of course some other easy treatments are also included); but if severial conditions happen, then we consider it as Industrial Injury. And the quote I have posted is one of these conditions which I could not understand. 🙁

iamuwajimayaiamuwajimaya Staff replied 3 years ago

The problem with this is that the quote is too narrow. I can imagine several possible meanings with just the above. So, in order to give a better explanation, could you give more of the context?

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Paul Staff answered 3 years

“Drink fluids to relieve hard stress” can have a few different meanings, and I think we need to determine exactly what “hard stress” is? When I first read this, I thought of  “hard stress,” as being beyond basic first aid. The suggestion to drink more fluids is a common suggestion for any health concern. So, this is is saying “If you have serious injury or illness, be sure to drink plenty of fluids to relieve negative symptoms.”
Venessa_lxl brings up a good point about the actual fluids being a source of healing relief for the medical situation. I do not know if this is meant in your question. If it is a specific injury or illness, a specific type of fluid may be helpful

PaulPaul Staff replied 3 years ago

You’re welcome!

vanessa_lxl replied 3 years ago

Paul, thanks. I think it might be a depict of the level of the injury. Both the fluids as well as hard stress are generalized words here. They dont point exactly what the medical care/medicine or the negative symptoms is… just depict the situation. Many thanks for answer. 🙂 <3

you1218 answered 3 years

drink some fluids is one of methods for relaxing yourself from ( spirit )pressure.

vanessa_lxl replied 3 years ago

Yeah… but I feel this saying relates to kind of medical care. If so, then, what “drink fluids” could relieve? what does the hard stress mean?

iamuwajimaya Staff answered 3 years

Well, let me give it my best guess, though I am still not completely sure. I want to see the original text.

Hard stress probably relates to muscle strain or perhaps something about joints, such as a swollen knee or wrist. Drinking fluids means exactly what it says. Drinking plenty of water is notoriously important for torn or ‘strained’ muscles. ‘Hard’ just means, ‘very serious’.

If my understanding is right, another way to say this would be: Drink water to help ease strained muscles / joints.

vanessa_lxl replied 3 years ago

Many thank. 🙂

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