Q&ADoes "fair hair" mean the hair is blond or it has good quality?
ailee Asked 3 years
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Paul Staff answered 3 years

This is not answering your question, but I think it might be helpful. Here are a few phrases and words to use if you would like to say someone’s hair is of “good quality:”

1. “He has a full head of hair,” which means the person has very think hair and is in no way balding or losing hair.

2. “You have such nice thick hair.” (also mentioned in #1) People with “thick” hair are often told it is of good quality. Thickness in hair means that it is not thinning in any way. You could also say, “You have such great hair!”

3.”Her hair has great body.” This is a difficult one to understand and I would only use if if you are experienced with hair care of are speaking to someone who cares a great deal about hair. The word “body” in this phrase means the hair has a thick and healthy appearance.

4. “Wow, your hair looks so healthy!” Simply saying the word “healthy” will let express good quality.

5. “Look at those luscious locks!” This is can be a serious or funny phrase, it depends on the situation and the conversation. “Luscious” can be something that is very appealing and attractive. “Locks,” in this sentence is referring to the hair. Most of the time this is a statement that is not taken seriously or is used as a joke.

iamuwajimaya Staff answered 3 years

Fair hair almost always means ‘light hair’. This could be light brown or (probably) blond hair. We can use the same word to describe skin. Indeed, I have very fair skin. This means that my skin is very light in color, and is very sensitive to sunlight. I have to be careful when going outside in the sun. 
The reason that this can be confusing is that ‘fair’ has so many other meanings. For example, in traditional stories, a description of a young girl might be, ‘she was the fairest of them all’, suggesting not that she has blond hair, but that she is very beautiful or attractive. 
So, we have to consider the context. While ‘fair hair’ COULD mean ‘beautiful hair’, it almost always means ‘light-colored’.

aileeailee replied 3 years ago

The explication is quite conprehensive. Thanks.

Frank fang answered 3 years

I’m black hair, so is it can’t  be used on me?

iamuwajimayaiamuwajimaya Staff replied 3 years ago

Well, you could have dark brown hair, which isn’t black.

aileeailee replied 3 years ago

“Dark hair“ has the similar meaning with “black hair”, right?

iamuwajimayaiamuwajimaya Staff replied 3 years ago

Right, black cannot be described as ‘fair’.

answered 8 months

How about the  nursery rhyme
Curly hair,  very fair
And the girl singing has black hair
So is that very fair about the girl being beautiful or her hair? 

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