Q&AHow to describe a nice women or man?
Frank fang Asked 3 years
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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 3 years

Nice to be around
Good company

vanessa_lxl answered 3 years

It depends on your direction of been “nice” and the relationship between you and the women or the man…

iamuwajimayaiamuwajimaya Staff replied 3 years ago

Yes, however that could reflect other things about them, not only that they are nice. Maybe an amazing athlete, maybe another amazing characteristic.

Maggieluo replied 3 years ago


vanessa_lxl replied 3 years ago


Frank fang replied 3 years ago

Someone you have strong feeling about him or her.

Paul Staff answered 3 years

Here are a few sample phrases to use from Luke’s answer:
“What a nice man/woman” 
“He is always so sincere and genuine.” 
“That’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”
“She has always been so kind to our family.” -“kind” here means thoughtful, considerate, pleasant.
“Every time I see her she is pleasant and kind-hearted.” 
“He’s such a good guy.”
“It is nice to be around such a kind person.”

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