Q&ACategory: General QuestionsHow to understand "put new heart into him" ?
ailee Asked 3 years
PaulPaul Staff replied 3 years ago

I agree with Luke’s answer here. If the phrase would have been “put “a” new heart into him,” we could read it differently. Simply adding “a” would suggest the actual act of placing a new heart into someone is being referred to. As the sentence is, ‘heart’ is referring to courage to continue on through a struggle or obstacle.

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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 3 years

Without seeing the entire context, it’s only possible to give a general guess, so I’ll do that. “Heart” is often about courage or something related to feeling. It can take different meanings in different cases. In this case, he may have been discouraged about something, then another thing happened which renewed his confidence or encouraged him. 
Could you include more of the passage?

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