Q&AHow to use“neither” “either” and “nor” What do they mean? In what situation I can use them?
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Very good question. Let me explain each one and give examples.
This word basically means, not one thing and not the other things. If you are given a choice between A and B and you don’t want A or B. You can say, ‘neither’. A special use of this word is included after ‘me’ as in, ‘me neither’, when you agree about a negative thing.

  • She asked me if I wanted rice or noodles and I said, ‘neither’.
  • I’m neither a scientist nor a doctor.
  • Neither of us knows what to do.
  • ‘I don’t like ice cream’ – ‘Me neither’

This is used when you are adding possibilities. If you want to talk about 2 or more choices, ‘either’ is used to connect them together. It’s usually used when there are only two choices and you need to choose one of them. It can also be similar to ‘also’, when agreeing to something negative. Sometimes ‘either’ means ‘both’.

  • Either tell me her name or give me her phone number. 
  • If either of you get married next year, I will come to the wedding.
  • ‘I don’t like ice cream’ – ‘I don’t like it either’
  • On either side of my house are two tall trees. 
  • ‘Which one do you want?’ – ‘Either one is fine. I don’t care’

This is used to add a second negative thing, often used with ‘neither’.

  • You are neither kind nor interesting. 
  • The hotel was neither cheap nor comfortable.
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