Q&ACategory: Reading“It's a little bit of the flavor of the moment. And where there is flavor in the air, there are politics sure to follow”. How to interpret the word "flavor"?
ailee Asked 3 years
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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 3 years

Ailee, more of the context is really necessary to know for sure. Maybe next time you can include the full paragraph in the body of the question to make it easier to answer. However, I can make an attempt. 

The basic meaning of flavor is, that which makes a thing unique or distinct from other things. It can also mean, ‘the feeling of that thing’ or the ‘basic quality’ of that thing. It some cases, flavor means that something is ‘interesting’ or ‘alluring’. It’s often used for food and beverages, but can be used in other cases as well. So, here are a few examples before I really try to answer your question.

– Your presentation had a flavor of fun which I really enjoyed. 
– Vanilla is my favorite flavor of ice cream.
– Struggle is just one flavor of life.
– The architecture of this street has an Italian flavor.
So, we can see that it is used in somewhat similar ways.
Now, to your question.
I think ‘flavor’ in your your two sentences means, ‘something interesting’ or ‘appeal’ (noun). just like I said, ‘struggle is only a flavor of life’. Again, this is a guess, because you have only provided two sentences, so the context is very limited. 

To rewrite what you have written, in other words:

‘It’s a small part of what makes the moment interesting. And where there is appeal in the atmosphere, politics are sure to follow’. 
Again, I’m not totally sure. 

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