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Daniel Asked 2 years

I’ve known some different meaning of “wind up”, but I’m not sure that which meaning can explain the followed one.
Your iPhone would wind up in a bin behind the TSA checkpoint, unless you decided you’d rather not fly that day.

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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 2 years

This meaning of wind up is the same as final location / condition. About the rest of the sentence. The TSA is related to security, so it’s just the name, and a checkpoint is a stopping point. If you go to the airport, you need to pass through a security checkpoint. So, the meaning of the sentence is, the TSA will take your phone, and if you don’t allow it, you won’t be able to get on the plane. 
Here are a few similar examples:
If you don’t stop breaking rules, you’re going to wind up in jail
I got super drunk and somehow wound up back at my apartment. 
Don’t buy cheap stuff. It’ll wind up in a dumpster. 

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