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Raylay Asked 2 years

     I am in colleage, I have some free time in this summer vocation, so, I want choose a English novel to read. I never read English novels before.
     What’s more, should I choose classic english novels or others that may help me improve my reading skills more?

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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 2 years

In fact, I wouldn’t particularly recommend ‘the classics’ unless your current English skill is already pretty good and you are looking to expand your foundation of English. Why? Because the language used in many of these books is not something you are likely to meet or need in everyday life. For example, Moby Dick is a classic novel, but tough to read even for some native English speakers. Unless you’re really good, it’s going to be painful to get through.
So, I would recommend either more modern classics, or other books which are a bit lighter.
A few suggests for the average English learner:

  • Harry Potter
  • Animal Farm
  • The Giver
  • Hitchhikers Guide the Galaxy
  • ‘Who is…’ or ‘Who was…’ (this is a series)
  • 1984
Raylay replied 2 years ago

Great ! thank you !

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