Q&AShould I check the words when I’m reading books?
lan Asked 2 years

when I’m reading books, I always meet lots of word that I can’t understand. So I want to know do I have to check it or let it go if them didn’t obstruct me to read.  

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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 2 years

It depends on what your purpose in reading is. If you are reading for the purpose of pleasure and the word you come across doesn’t keep you from understanding the point of the paragraph / sentence, keep going. However, if your purpose is learning, you should work to understand the word in context.
Here are some things to remember when reading to learn:
1. When you meet a new word, try to get the general meaning from context first.
2. Look up the meaning in an English dictionary. Find other synonyms.
3. Go back to the text with the meaning in mind and once again study it in context.
4. Make a few of your own similar sentences with the word to make it stick.
Always try to avoid using a translation dictionary. Use an all-English dictionary. 
Again, if you are reading for pleasure, don’t worry about the occasional word you don’t know.
Stopping every time can really inhibit the joy of reading.
Good luck 

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