Q&ACategory: General Questionstied up at work? or tied up with work?
Daniel Asked 3 years

If I want to describe that I’m so busy with my work, which phrase is correct or more better?

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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 3 years

Firstly, ‘more better’ means ‘more more good’, so it’s best to just use ‘better’.
Now, to your question:
The short answer is that both of these are perfectly good ways to describe being busy at work, it’s just that they focus on two different aspects.
I’m tied up with work means that you are dealing with a lot of work related things; the focus is on the stuff that you’re doing.
I’m tied up at work means that you are unable to leave work because you are so busy.
Usually you would say the first one when the work is what you want to focus on, or you simply want to describe what is going on. You might, then, use the second one when someone, maybe your wife, asks you why you haven’t come home yet. When you want to explain the reason for you still being at work, when in fact you shouldn’t be, use the second. 

DanielDaniel replied 3 years ago

Many thanks Luke!

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