Q&AWhat does the expression" stay on top of something" mean?
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Eh, instead of any extra reading just now though, you could view some of the old introductory lectures. We have them on video. That would give you a better handle on the subject. It’s still a pretty tall order, and we will be moving right along, so you will really need to stay on top of it.

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Daniel answered 3 years

So, Bishop,I’d like to use it to creat a sentence:” The coach believe that his teammember will be staying on top of this match, it’s due neither to the last opportunity for winning the goldmedal, nor to the big reward, it’s to the feedback of appreciate to all of fans in this city.” it’s all right?

iamuwajimayaiamuwajimaya Staff replied 3 years ago

Not quite: ‘It’s to the feedback of all appreciate’ isn’t quite clear. I’m not sure what it means. ‘It’s neither due to…, nor…’ is ok, I can understand. The use of ‘stay on top of’ is pretty close, but I would like to suggest a change. ‘Each team-member has stay on top of their individual responsibilities in order to win the match.’ I think ‘staying on top of the match’ would be something a fan might be doing, not a player.

Daniel answered 3 years

Actually, i don’t understand clearly why “stay on top of the match”would be something a fan might be doing? Does it means”work hard to control something?”
 Another sentence:”It would be great if you can stay on top of your effort for passing the final exam.”

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