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Fan Ben Asked 2 years

I got a new American friend. She said that party is very popular in America. I just want to know what should I do if someone take me out partying .  Tell me some about party 

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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 2 years

This is quite a tough question because it’s so general. What kind of party are you talking about? A dinner party? A college / frat / sorority party? A birthday party? 
For the sake of the question, I’m going to assume ‘partying’ means young people (usually) going out and drinking or dancing. And, if that is the case, the answer 
to the question is exactly the same pretty much anywhere in the world where parties exist. People go to a place, maybe a club or bar, they buy drinks, they dance, they 
do whatever they feel like doing. So that’s the simple answer to your question, and I don’t think America is special in this way. 
But, there is a kind of party in America which I would say, is a bit unique. This is a house party. To get a true sense of this, I would recommend watching the film called SUPERBAD. 
House Parties / Loft Parties
One person has a big house, or maybe his parents are out of town, or maybe he has a big loft, so he decides to host a huge party. In films, this always seems to include a swimming pool. So this guy’s friends are invited, and their friends invite their friends, and maybe around 9 pm, people starting showing up. Unless it’s a theme party, or a halloween party, most people will just wear casual clothes. Many people will bring alcohol, but the host will also buy alcohol. Sometimes the host will insist that everyone attending the party bring money to pay for the drinks. This is called a cover charge. 
Usually there is a DJ playing dancing music, or another kind depending on the kind of party and the people attending. Some house parties, and especially loft parties, like in New York, will have live bands that play one after another. Loft parties usually have a table where you can buy cheap beer. Because most people are drinking, it’s a good chance for guys and girls to meet, and many people see it as an opportunity to ‘hook up’. This basically means to have casual sex with the person you’ve just met. This is another aspect of American culture. People will often have sex at the beginning and later decide whether or not to ‘date’.
So, what should you DO at a party? Nothing, anything, whatever. Just relax and have fun. That’s the point.

Fan Ben replied 2 years ago

Thank you,Sir. I got it!

iamuwajimayaiamuwajimaya Staff replied 2 years ago

Yes. Weed is really popular in America, and it is legal now in parts of the USA. But in others, it isn’t VERY illegal.

Fan Ben replied 2 years ago

Thank you,Sir. Maybe I should put more details of this question. But you perfect performance in solving this question. As a student,I had heard that someone will come to a party with weed. It’s true?

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