Q&ACategory: General QuestionsWhat videos do you want to see on Cloud English?
iamuwajimaya Staff Asked 2 years

I will be producing more Cloud English videos shortly, and I would like your input on video topics that you would really like to see. Please post your lists here.

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Fan Ben answered 2 years

Sir,I have not been this group for a long time,but I do like the websites and videos. Those videos were all amazing, I would like to watch more about it! Maybe there’s not lots of people make comments in culture,but I wish there should have someone to explain some pictures or sentences or jokes that many people don’t know the meaning ,maybe you could make some short videos to explain it.       It’s only my personal opinion,I always enjoy all videos made by you and Paul. 

PaulPaul Staff replied 2 years ago

thank you for your suggestions! I will keep that in mind for future videos as well.

iamuwajimayaiamuwajimaya Staff replied 2 years ago

Good suggestion! I will include those kinds of things in my next series of videos.

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