Q&AWhat's it like to live in a small village?
MrOnion Asked 2 years
PaulPaul Staff replied 2 years ago

Can you be more specific? Maybe ask about how to describe a place, house, street, etc. This type of question is hard to answer because every village is different.

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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 2 years

I think I know what the questioner is asking. Small towns in different countries vary extremely. For example, most small towns in asian countries, particularly China, Thailand, etc, are very rural and less developed than big cities. These places are poor and the education is far behind urban areas. This is the same as it was in earlier US history. 
In China, for example, people move from their small farm towns to big cities to get more opportunities and live a higher quality, more convenient life.
In this US this is partly true. Certainly big cities will have many more opportunities than villages and small towns, and the education systems might be better, but it isn’t the case for development, comfort or wealth.
In the US, many people would rather live in small towns and suburbs than in the city. That’s because these areas are more peaceful and housing prices are less expensive, so it’s affordable to get a house with a yard. Small towns in the US (at least where I come from) are clean and charming, with markets, shops, nice schools and all of the things you would expect (in terms of comfort) in a big city (big cities have more food choices). Also, salary is not dependent so dependent on location.

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