Q&ACategory: General QuestionsWhat's the difference between "will be"/"be going to"/"be about to"?
Daniel Asked 3 years
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iamuwajimaya Staff answered 3 years

‘Will be’ refers to a future state or condition, and can also include gerunds (-ing verbs, continuous future actions). ‘Be/is/are/etc.’ often refers to an adjective. However, if ‘be’ is not included, the situation changes. Only using ‘will’ refers just to the future, and is often used to describe future actions.
We will be ready in 20 minutes.
It will be pretty lonely around here when you go.
I wonder if you will be homesick.

I will be going to Uganda in February.
I will still be living here next year.
This has two meanings. One is the same as ‘will’. The other is about ‘going’ somewhere (movement).
I’m going to have a huge breakfast.
We’re going to go in about 20 minutes.
We’re going to watch a movie. Want to join us?
I think I’m going to stay in today and watch Game of Thrones.

I’m going to Canada in a few days.
You’re going home already? It’s only 3:00.
This refers to something which will happen in the very near or immediate future. 
I was about to call you before I saw your email.
I’m about to go out to pick up a few things. Need me to grab anything for you?
She was about to quit when Ryan Gosling strode into the office and said, ‘Hi, I’m the new IT guy.’

iamuwajimayaiamuwajimaya Staff replied 3 years ago

Yes, in some cases. But it can also be about other future actions.

aileeailee replied 3 years ago

“Be going to “might more focus on the movement.

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