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  • I wanna make friends.
    Answereddongdong asked 3 years ago
    287 views1 answers0 votes
    How to help adults to improve their spoken english ?
    AnsweredKatharine answered 9 months ago • 
    21295 views526 answers2 votes
    How to describe a nice women or man?
    AnsweredFrank fang asked 3 years ago
    328 views3 answers1 votes
    Does "fair hair" mean the hair is blond or it has good quality?
    Answeredaileeailee asked 3 years ago
    341 views4 answers1 votes
    How to understand "put new heart into him" ?
    Answeredaileeailee asked 3 years ago • 
    600 views1 answers0 votes
    What does the expression" stay on top of something" mean?
    ResolvedAnonymous asked 3 years ago
    484 views2 answers1 votes
    How to take notes when you are listening to a lecture?
    ResolvedRyanRyan asked 3 years ago • 
    275 views1 answers0 votes
    What is the longest word in English?
    Answerediamuwajimayaiamuwajimaya answered 1 year ago
    266 views1 answers0 votes